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Station B, Zhihu, Douban: The same destination?

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If you go back to a few years ago, the domestic Internet market is booming, the emergence of many high-quality platforms and enterprises。At that time, in a well-known Internet platform, the three smaller platforms of B station, Zhihu and Douban have always been the white moonlight in the hearts of many users, and even the "spiritual pure land" of many people.。

At the time, the atmosphere within the three platforms was beautiful and harmonious, so beautiful that many people thought that this community atmosphere would never change。However, with the B station taking the lead in going to the capital market, Zhihu followed by landing in the US stock market, Douban is becoming more and more "Buddhist", and those good times before seem to have disappeared。

B station Escape from B station

In recent years, Station B is undoubtedly walking on the fast track of development, no matter the revenue, user level or platform content, tonality has a very obvious growth, the "small broken station" is no longer, replaced by a diversified platform。

Recently, the B station is successfully landed in Hong Kong stocks to complete the secondary listing, although the first day of the listing broke, but the enthusiasm of shareholders to buy is still not reduced, in the Hong Kong stock market market value has exceeded 300 billion yuan。In addition, the performance of B station in the US stock market is also bright, although it is in a downturn recently, but it has still increased by more than ten times in the past three years。

This naturally has a lot to do with the stable content community built by B Station。Because of the "content + community + user" model, these three links promote each other, and continue to stabilize the community of B station in the cycle。This also makes even if the B station has been deep in the loss vortex, but the outside world continues to be optimistic about it。

It is also possible to build such a stable community today because Station B has been "fleeing" Station B in recent years。

One is "escape" at the user level.。Started in the second yuan, so that B station in the initial harvest of a very stable group of core users, but if the platform wants to continue to develop, it must continue to expand the type of content, to attract more diverse users。This will cause conflicts between new and old users, and will also drag down the stickiness of platform users, but if you want to grow, B station must "escape" the original user comfort zone。

On the other hand, there is "escape" at the content level.。Attract more users,They need to provide content they like to retain users for the platform,And B station in the past two years to break the circle,Expanded the content of B station in a very short time,And with the help of UP master motivation,Let more and more users contribute content to the platform,But also on a certain level "escape" from the original content。

However, whether it is the "escape" from the user or content level, it has helped the B station complete the transformation from the "small broken station" to the large platform, and also made the community of the B station more diverse and stable。

"Latecomers" know

Not long ago, Zhihu, who became disillusioned after being confused for several years, finally clarified his own positioning and successfully landed on the US stock market, becoming the "first stock in the knowledge community".。

Zhihu, which started out as a trivia company, needed an invitation to enter when it was just founded。At that time, the Zhihu community gathered many industry leaders, and the quality of the Q&A content was quite high。But later, because of the desire for users, Zhihu gradually opened up the entry mechanism。Sure, users have grown significantly in a few years, but the quality of content has also declined。

This makes Zhihu embark on the same road as Station B, want to grow, you need traffic, in order to flow and growth, you have to make compromises on content。However, Zhihu is very clear about its own situation, if the quality of content is completely allowed to decline, the loss of users in the future is inevitable, so Zhihu also attaches great importance to content。

The first is incentives at the content creator level。As the name implies, there is a question to answer, and the answer is the key to the construction of Zhihu content, so Zhihu through supportive policies to attract content creators。According to the prospectus, as of December 31, 2020, Zhihu has a total of 43.1 million content creators, contributing 3.5.3 billion pieces of content, including 3.1.5 billion Questions and Answers。

The second is the diversification of the form of content presentation。Relying solely on graphic form to show the content, although there will be logic and accuracy of the expression of the advantages, but also lost a certain amount of fun, and in this era of entertainment, audio and video and other more acceptable form of presentation is the first choice of users, so Zhihu also in the form of content presentation made a lot of effort。

The last is the change of content tonality。If the former Zhihu is defined, "elite knowledge community" may be possible, but after all, the elite is a minority, and Zhihu cannot expect the elite to survive。Therefore, today's Zhihu is no longer a community exclusive to elites, but has a wider range of users and content, and has become a "public knowledge community".。

Zhihu's emphasis on content also deepens the relationship between content, users and platforms, helping Zhihu build its own content community and promote its stable development。

"Buddhist" Douban is not in a hurry to commercialize

In the face of B station and Zhihu have compromised and embarked on the road of commercialization, many people have made similar sounds like "B station has changed its taste" and "Zhihu has fallen", and with the shutdown of Xiami music, it seems that only Buddhist Douban is still "sticking" in the "spiritual pure land" in the Internet world.。

Looking at today's Internet platform, Kuaishou has been labeled as a "Buddha system" by the outside world before listing, but compared with Douban, Kuaishou's Buddha system is simply a small matter。

Refusing to accept advertising because of the inconsistency between advertising and the platform, and giving up the second position in the industry because the movie ticket business is "too dirty" are all actions in Douban's development。It is precisely because of these reasons that the outside world has the argument that "Douban is not a company, and A North is not the boss.。

In this way, Douban does not seem to be in a hurry to commercialize, and is not willing to participate in the battle for traffic on Internet platforms。However, Douban, which is so not in a hurry to commercialize, has an unexpectedly layered platform atmosphere, which is also in line with Lin North's initial idea of Douban's "urban atmosphere"。

The upper floors of the city are built by users who use Douban as a trace of their spiritual world。They are passionate about movies, art and books, and Douban is just a tool for them to record their spiritual world. Their comments on books and movies support Douban's most appreciated rating system。

The city's middle layer is built by users who use Douban as a content platform。They enter Douban just to acquire certain knowledge and growth, for them, the content produced by the size of the red people inside the Douban platform is the nourishment for their leisure time to learn and amuse themselves。

The lower level of the city is built by the tens of millions of users in the Douban group。For them, through different likes and dislikes to find the common fun of friends, eat melon and post to meet their social needs。They are the most active presence in the Douban platform, and also provide endless vitality for Douban。

And it is through the construction of this "urban atmosphere", the community of Douban platform is also growing slowly and steadily, slowly attracting users into the city。

Community is the last thing

From this point of view, whether it is radical B station or late Zhihu, or even the "Buddha" Douban, although the three platforms have different development directions, they attach the same importance to the construction of community, and this also shows that the current focus of the content platform field is to build a unique community。

This is because, for the platform, the building of the community will bring a lot of help for the future development。

One is to ensure stable growth in the future。Building a community in line with its own tone can accelerate the cycle of "content + platform + users", so that more and more users will be converted into the core users of the platform, and create better revenue for the platform from the user level。In addition, the construction of the community is also to lay the foundation for the future ecology of the platform, so that the development of the platform is no longer a water without a source。

The second is to add more diversified ways to liquidate。The community accelerates the conversion of users, and users with a certain sense of identity will naturally be easier to "charge for love", and the number of consumption within the platform will also be pulled up。And the building of the community can help the platform find business value from every link of the cycle, creating higher revenue for the platform。

In this way, the community has become the focus of these content platforms, and in addition to the B station, Zhihu, Douban these three, Kuaishou, Douyin and even small red book Taobao are building their own communities, the future also hopes that the community to create a better future。