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Shared charging treasure survivor game: burn billions of dollars, fight for the melee, mergers and acquisitions ashore

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Source: Tech Planet

Source: Tech Planet (ID: tech618)

Wen | Qiao Xue, Wang Huiying and Zhai Yuanyuan

"Please remember @Wang Sicong"。

The Internet has memory, the first share of charging treasure was born, and the public Cue to the most times is Wang Sicong of "entertainment circle"。

Four years ago, Wang Sicong sang the high-profile gambling contract, almost to the shared charging treasure planted a life and death symbol, singing and laughing at the public mood collectively for the industry。However, on April 2, the monster went public, and the closing market value reached $21 on the same day, and the industry is also ushering in a listing tide, and small electricity and street electricity are also in the process。

It took 4 years for the shared charging treasure industry to complete a consensus reversal from "false tuyere" to "true demand", and as a survivor of the sharing economy era, it has also written a new business story。

From the "hundred electricity war" to the "three electricity and one beast" pattern, today, the monster charge is listed, the head player street electricity and search electricity merger, the industry war is far from over。

Review the development of the entire shared charging treasure,You will find,The beginning of the story,Is a capital with track players with "copy shared bike tuyere" aspirations,However, regretting sending stocks, stealing machines, pulling power cables and so on are numerous,And financing war, patent war, turf war and many other battles,The industry plays out the divisive narrative of the aggressive gambler。


Capital dominated the tuyere feast

The clock is turned back to 2017, and a capital feast is suddenly kicked off。

In 40 days, 11 financing, nearly 35 institutions have poured in, and the financing amount has reached 1.2 billion yuan, and the financing efficiency is 5 times that of the rise of shared bicycles in 2015。

Although the shared bicycle is the first major battlefield in the sharing economy burning money war that year, the financing speed of the shared charging treasure is still surprising。

Since the shared bicycle started the first shot of the shared economic tuyere, the shared charging bank, the shared umbrella, the shared massage chair, the shared KTV and other shared concept of entrepreneurship projects began to roll in, for a time everything can be shared, and the debate on the real demand and the pseudo-tuyere in the public opinion field has never stopped。

But investors do not mind how the outside world, Jumei quality founder Chen Ou spent 300 million yuan to acquire street electricity and its patents, small electricity, telephone and Hi electricity behind the scenes operators are also a number of well-known investment institutions, including Sequoia Capital China, Tencent Investment, Gaorong Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Jinsha Jiang, IDG and so on。Monster charging and original venture capital there is a dispute over who led the creation of the company。

Positive battle was the most common scene in the shared charging treasure industry at that time。

On the last day of March 2017, Street Power and small Power announced that they had obtained tens of millions of financing on the same day, officially setting off a war of shared charging treasure financing and burning money。Ten days later, on the same day, Xiao Electric and Hi Electric announced a new round of financing。Zhu Xiaohu himself and Jinshajiang Venture Capital invested in two rounds of financing of small electric Technology, a shared charging treasure company, in just ten days。According to Zhu, it took him just 20 minutes to decide to vote。

That is a hot time period of financing, and the missed opportunity of sharing bicycles has allowed investors to relax the entrance standards of shared charging treasure collectively, and the decision-making time of selling is shortened。According to the founder of the call, Yuan Bingsong recalled that he met an investor who was escorted home in the middle of the night by the other party because he was worried that he would renege after signing the agreement, so as to prevent him from seeing other institutions。

Tianye check data show that in 2 months in 2017, a small electricity alone raised 3 rounds of financing, with a financing amount of nearly 500 million。Jiedian also received five rounds of financing。Monster charging came from behind, and won 3 rounds of nearly 600 million yuan financing at the fastest speed, and the investor lineup behind is also quite luxurious, including more than a dozen investment institutions such as Hillhouse, Shunwei, Xiaomi, and Qingliu。

The early entry of capital also foreshadowed the equity disputes on the eve of the monster's listing。According to Feng Yip, founding partner of Atomic Venture Capital, the 3% equity promised by Monster charging has not been implemented, and he has been suing Monster Charging in the United States。

Feng Yi thought he saw the outlet of shared charging treasure, so he looked for a CEO, a team, financing, and a supply chain。However, Kaiju CEO CAI Guangyuan's promised 3% share gift in wechat has not been implemented。Feng Yisheng think CAI Guangyuan after success, to himself is "kick a foot, go to nima"。


The CEO hand-to-hand halftime war

After Jumei quality 300 million merger and acquisition of street power, Chen Ou dug up the former Tao ticket senior director Yuan Yuan as president of street power。Yuan Yuan said in an interview that Chen Ou gave him the task of letting him spend 300 million yuan of investment within a month。Jumei for street power blood transfusion, there is no upper limit。

Tang Yongbo, the founder of small electric technology, also admitted that perhaps due to being in the cusp of the storm, the sleep time was significantly reduced than before, and almost only slept 4-5 hours a day。"I feel very strange in this state of myself now, that is, I want to stop, but I am afraid that I cannot stop.。”

The clustering of capital made the mythic effect of the sharing economy infinitely amplified, and the fierce business war was also started at that time。

In 2017, Laidian sued Jiedian for infringing its use of new patents and took Jiedian to court, and the court ruled that the call won, but Jiedian soon began to fight back。First, the original source of the street CEO responded in the circle of friends, saying that the street machine has completed the upgrade, solved the patent problem, and mocked the other side as "vase patent", also unpolitely called the other side a rogue friend business, and finally attached a question call to embezzle the user deposit, and attached a picture said that "heavy punch" attack。

The patent war continues, and the new rhetoric is, "They want more than $800 million for us to acquire.。”

This patent battle can not be said who is the winner, but the fight within the shared charging treasure has never stopped。

Point is the most commonly mentioned word in the shared charging treasure industry。That means who gets to have more territory on the map。

Tang Yongbo, CEO of small electricity, said, "The fastest expansion, a month to shop about 70,000 to 100,000 units of equipment, open 20 cities at a stretch.。Each is frantically expanding its territory to grab more market share。

The pattern of a dominant capital expected did not come at this time, but the constraints of businesses came first。

In fact, the early merchants for the charging cabinet is free and open, which was originally a win-win thing, but ironically, the merchants' charging behavior is the competition in the industry to cultivate。

Because each differentiation advantage is too small,In terms of robbing businesses,Families don't have enough say,Market plate is too small,As a result, only scenarios with high frequency of use have the opportunity to profit,Families covet the best sites,Industry rivals are raising their entrance fees to get in,This has driven up the cost of admission。

The entrance fee was several thousand, and then jumped to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and it was also necessary to bring a certain degree of distribution to businesses, and some popular scenes were settled, and the distribution of businesses could reach as much as 90%。One of the most typical cases is "Cloud Chong bar", at the end of 2018, cloud Chong Bar signed a three-year exclusive contract for 200 stores of a national chain bar, at a cost of 20 million yuan。

"Sometimes a step late, or a little while later, the store has already been signed by a competitor.。At the most intense time of competition, businesses with unlimited voice and even contacted several companies that want to settle in the shared charging treasure, "You talk together, who gives me more money, I will let who put it.。”

In May 2018, there was a video exposure that Yuan Bingsong, CEO of Caller Technology, directly took away the shared charging treasure equipment of the competing company street electricity in a shopping mall in Changsha。Later, Yuan Bingsong believes that this is vicious competition, "the street power team later took the initiative to contact me, and put forward the condition: if the call does not tell the court's first instance judgment that the street power patent infringement is established, it will not leak this video.。”

Since then, this video has been released by a Changsha account, in the face of public opinion "theft" allegations, Yuan Bingsong admitted that the equipment is his own: "The person on the video is me" "move back to study, two days and then return.。He did not apologize, but thought it was a commercial conspiracy。

At the height of the expansion,Many regional managers often encounter equipment failures,The end result of the investigation is often,This is probably a rival company playing tricks,Cut the charging cable of the other charging bank, pull the power cord of the shared charging cabinet, and paint the two-dimensional code of the charging bank,Even move the power bank machine,Seems to be the "normal operation" of each family in the heat of competition.。

Some BD managers witnessed their opponents and ran away with a whole sack of their own products。


The endgame of price increases and mergers is over

The shared charging treasure war is raging, when the most need to burn money, financing was interrupted at this time。

From November 2017 to April 2019, for the entire 17 months, Monster Charging, which had to finance a round of capital in an average of three months, did not make public financing news again。In 2019, in the entire shared charging treasure industry, only the monster made a financing, and Hillhouse Venture Capital made a round of internal round lead investment of $20 million for the monster to burn another round。

At this point, the shared charging treasure has also completed the transformation from "tuyere" to "business"。Everyone is aware that there will be no monopoly players in the industry, and it is necessary to make money after returning to business。

Tech Planet interviewed Tang Yongbo, the founder of small electricity, at the beginning of 2020, when the epidemic was the most serious, the development of the entire industry had entered the bottom。Tang Yongbo also mentioned that small electricity is doing some business exploration to avoid industry fluctuations affecting the survival of enterprises。

But today, the sharing economy makes money almost exclusively on the rental model itself, with negligible advertising revenue and no expansion of new businesses。

So the rent price has become an industry-wide consensus, the early charging treasure price is only 1 yuan/hour, and since 2019, such a low price is difficult to find in the country。Some shopping malls, hospitals and other places charge 3 to 4 pieces of electricity per hour;Bars, nightclubs and other places as high as 10 yuan/hour。

On the issue of how to make it bigger, in addition to price increases, each family realized that "no one can kill anyone", and merger became the final choice。

On March 31, the market came out of the acquisition of street power。From the video screen, is the search power in the internal conference, directly announced the search power behind the bamboo Mang stock company acquired the street power, but the street power chairman Chen Ou to the media is false。

On April 2, things took another turn when Jiedian and Sodian announced a merger。Chen Ou should be denied at that time is to be acquired, after all, and Wang Sicong's bet is still in, sold the street electricity this thing on the face can not hang。

The announcement also looks like a merger, not a takeover。Specifically, the street power and search power announced the merger, the implementation of the joint CEO system, the joint establishment of the company operation。This is also the third small climax set off by the "survivors" sharing charging treasure after the large-scale entry and elimination of players。

It is worth noting that, according to official information disclosure, after the merger of street power and search power, the total user size will exceed 3.600 million, the market share will reach the industry first。

However, the market has not yet entered the final game, and the United States group of shared charging treasure entering the third time is menacing。

In May last year, it was the third time that the United States Group entered the shared charging treasure。Previously, the United States had started the charging treasure project in 2017 and 2019, but it failed twice。

Public information shows that after the United States group started the project again, it increased its full horsepower and began to push frantically, opening the 100-city war。The new heavy policy is that as long as businesses and Meituan sign a contract to share the power bank, the real number of clicks per person using Meituan and comments will increase once, the more you use, the higher the ranking of the restaurant。Merchants can get 60 percent of the revenue by simply providing the space and not paying any deposit。

Take out the online clicks that businesses care about most, which makes most businesses dare not accept the United States Group charging treasure。

It is undeniable that the United States Group, which has been deeply cultivated in the field of local life for many years, has developed a shared charging treasure business and has a unique traffic entrance。According to the Q4 financial report of Meituan, as of December 31, 2020, the number of active merchants on the Meituan platform increased to 6.8 million, which is 10 times the monster point。

The opening of the listing door, the group heating of the head players, and the giants entering the game again seem to indicate that a new round of competition in the sharing of charging treasure has begun again, and the degree of white-hot only increases。

Behind the monster stood Ali, behind the small electricity stood Tencent, the United States once again into the game。Giants enter, new brands emerge, and the unlimited war that burns money will start again。

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