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Mianyang container house building structure system design requirements?

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Mianyang container house building structure system design requirements?

General provision

The basic principles of structural design of container complex building should conform to the current national standard "Unified Standard for Reliability Design of Engineering Structures" GB 50153。The structure can be designed for a service life of 50 years or 25 years, and the corresponding structure and importance correlation coefficient should not be less than 1.0或0.95。

The load calculation of the structure shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "Building Structure Load Code" GB 50009。When the design has a service life of 25 years, the standard value of the wind load and snow load specification can be multiplied by 0 according to the value of the 50-year return period.9计算。

The calculation and construction of the structure should conform to the current national steel structure design code GB 50017, cold formed thin-wall steel structure technical code GB 50018 and building seismic design code GB 50011。

The container building structure should be arranged regularly, the plane design layout of the lateral force resistance members should be symmetrical, and the lateral stiffness should develop evenly along the vertical。Some necessary measures should be taken to strengthen the management of the irregular multi-storey container building structure designed according to earthquake resistance。

When the box panel wall has holes and causes the structural stiffness of a box to be greatly weakened, it is appropriate to use staggered symmetrical arrangement of perforated boxes and non-perforated boxes。When the container can be overhung, the overhang length should not be affected too much, and the overhung part of the enterprise should not have holes。

A reasonable structural analysis system should be used to ensure the strength and stiffness in the process of use, transportation and installation.The structure can be connected and the node construction should be easy to install。

The roof of the box is a non-load-bearing plate, and it should be verified and reinforced when there are other working loads.When used as a load-bearing roof, a light purlin roof should be arranged on it。

A document for the design of the building structure of the container composite house should clearly put forward the technical development requirements and protective measures for fire prevention and corrosion prevention。

Structural materials and design specifications

When the container assembly plant uses the existing container, according to the current national standard GB/T 12418, the container should be qualified。Box beam, column parts we should not be defective, corner parts should be complete and connected to a reliable。All personnel entering the container should have product quality certificate or maintenance work qualification certificate。

The quality and performance of the internal structural steel of the box should comply with the relevant legal provisions of welding weathering steel in the current Chinese national safety standard "Weathering Structural Steel" GB/T 4171。

The non-box components (frames, connecting beams) in the container composite structure should be made of the current national standard GB/T700 carbon structural steel or GB/T1591 low alloy high strength structural steel Q235B steel or Q345A steel or B steel。

The performance requirements and the design value of the working strength of the thin-walled steel of the box structure should conform to the provisions of the current Chinese national safety standard "Information technology Management Code for cold-formed thin-walled steel structure" GB 50018;The performance requirements and strength and design value of non-box component steel and the performance requirements and strength of ordinary bolts, high-strength bolts, bolts and welding rods and other connection materials reach the design value,All of them should comply with the provisions of the relevant national standards of enterprise current doctrine, "A code for Steel Structure Building Design" GB 50017。

The corner of the container should have good welding performance, and its material and performance should meet the current national standard "1 series container, corner" GB/T 1835。The design values of tensile, compressive and bending strength can be 180N/mm2.The shear strength can be designed to be 105N/mm2。

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