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Are container houses legal?

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Is it legal to make container houses in the countryside?That's a question we've been trying to get a clear answer to。Let's have a look

1.First of all, it is legal to make container houses in the countryside。Because the container house does not occupy the land index, it can be classified as a temporary building in terms of attributes。And rural areas generally have their own homesteads, putting beautiful container houses on their own land is completely their own legal right。It's like having a box in your yard, only it's livable。

2.Secondly, if it is to build container homestay, it is necessary to apply for relevant documents and applications。

The approval process for container rooms is roughly as follows:

(1) Some requirements for containers When applying for a homestay, it is necessary to review the overall information of the container homestay, but all the information must be handed over, approved by the staff, to see whether it can be approved, and then proceed to the next step。

(2) The next step is to apply for a variety of corresponding permits, such as business licenses, such as permits and so on。

(3) If the design scope of container accommodation is broader, in addition to handling various corresponding licenses and various process requirements, it is also necessary to participate in the relevant training of hotel practitioners, fire training and so on。

(4) However, after all the audit is completed, it is generally to apply to the administrative department, and then get a permit license to open business。

3.Container mobile house is illegal construction。

Container activity room refers to the main container as the base material slightly modified to become a house with Windows and doors, the construction of temporary buildings need to take the relevant documents, to the land and resources department to apply for approval, if not approved, it is illegal construction, urban management can be dismantled。Before use, the container mobile room also needs to be accepted。

Relevant standards and requirements:

(1), internal inspection, to see whether the overall workmanship is detailed: pay attention to check whether there are large cracks between the wall panel and the wall panel, between the roof and the roof, etc., so as to avoid water leakage in the process of use, but the general manufacturer of strict workmanship basically will not appear this very low-level error。

(2) Check whether the doors, Windows and locks of the box are in good condition and can be opened repeatedly。

(3) External inspection: The external part of the box is comprehensively inspected to see whether there is damage, deformation, broken and other abnormal conditions。If there is, find it in time and let the manufacturer fix it。

(4) At the time of selection, carefully read the purchase or lease contract signed with the manufacturer。Pay attention to every provision in it, especially the lease to use, so as not to cause some unnecessary interest disputes in the later period。

Materials used in container mobile house Now this fixed container house, there are many kinds of materials used。At present, the most common materials on the market are foam sandwich board and large corrugated iron sheet rock wool sandwich board。The first kind is mostly used as workers' dormitories, which must pay attention to the safety of using fire and electricity in the process of use。The second is a box that is currently more popular on the market, which can also be said to be a strengthened version of the first material, which is durable, comfortable and safe to live。Because there is a certain difference in the price of the two, you should pay attention to the distinction when choosing。

When using the container house, pay attention to the handling of some details, especially the large-scale site use, in order to create a safe, comfortable, happy and beautiful family。