Product Introduction
Product introduction
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 Sichuan Shujian Container Co., Ltd. was established on January 28, 2021,The company is mainly engaged in various engineering construction activities,Construction specialized operation,General contracting of housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects,Road cargo transportation, movable board house, container house, Mianyang movable board house, Mianyang container, Mianyang mobile toilet, Mianyang resident container, Chengdu container house, Mianyang sentry booth, Mianyang color steel enclosure, container manufacturing,Container sales,Metal structure manufacturing,Sales of metal structures: machinery and equipment rental,Machinery and equipment sales,Building materials sales,Plastic packing box and container manufacturing... MORE+

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Case presentation
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    No.14, Zhongyang Road, Xinzao Town, Fucheng District, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province